Wayang Gallery Jawa

A gallery including collected/translated descriptions of a set of 98 Wayang Kulit shadow puppets I was offered in the mountains of Wonogiri, East Java.
These vary considerably from other areas such as Bali and even West Java, the stories vary from the original Indian epics as they are the stories of the descent of Javanese Kingship from the earliest Gods through 60 generations of Javanese kings.

The Wayang Kulit is generally thought to tell the stories of the Indian Epics, however, some say they are just stories depicting the fight of good against evil using the epics as parables..Richard.

It is generally thought the Wayang Kulit originated in Java telling stories of the ancient Javanese Kinship before the epics were introduced.

Wayang today is both the most ancient and most popular form of puppet theatre in the world. Hundreds of people will stay up all night long to watch the superstar performers, dalang, who command extravagant fees and are international celebrities.

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