Cakil blind is a giant with the lower jaw longer than upper jaw. This figure is an innovation of Java and can not be found in India
In a puppet show, Cakil is always dealing with a character or the warrior Arjuna when he came down from the mountain in a Play Flower War. This figure is only a comic figure and not serious ,however, Cakil is a symbolic figure who never gives up and always fights to the death because the war of Cakil is always killed by his own dagger. 

War development in the puppet is a symbol of human struggle and the struggle against evil passions in man. The process of a person facing a crisis in relationships with others has been described and is expressed in this tradition that must be responded to quickly. Thus when entering the pattern of relationships in multicultural and multi ethnic, you are expected to respond quickly and intelligently. 

In the war Surakarta tradition of debate and discussion of disputes, quarrels, the fight between a knight who has mastered some of the skills and knowledge is sapped by blind leaders.


Cakil or sometimes called blind Cakil is of the giant puppet family. However, he is different from the giant puppet (Buto) , cakil is not big, but thin as a human with an unusually ugly face. This slant-eyed giant, is characterized by the lower jaw being longer than upper jaw, so that this giant is called Cakil. Puppets of this type usually have the rank of commander of the giant celestial kingdom Sabrang or Setra Gandamayit ..

Basically a giant Cakil that does not have a name and takes on the identity remain as leaders and Udawa Setiyaki. But there are some names Cakil has standardized or fixed, with the name of the king he serves. For example Cakil of heaven is Dityakala Niromaya setragandamayit, Cakil of Alengka country is Ditya Kalamarica and Ditya Janggisrana. Name Cakil the standard is not appropriate when given a non-standard characters. Cakil naming themselves is also often composed by the puppeteer. But the figure is usually called Ditya Gendirpenjalin Cakil, Cengkongpuspanala, and Ditya Klathangmimis.

Cakil blind in Javanese wayang,-setauku only in Javanese puppet-, was a giant act doings "pethakilan" and "pecicilan".
Because of the shape of the jaw , Cakil cannot spit, so everytime he spoke or jumped around, saliva would drip from the jaw.
In addition to the unsightly face, he was a bad character. He loves to provoke and test the patience and annoy people with his behavior. Then he would burst out laughing with delight when he managed to upset someone.
In the story of the puppet, Buto cakil always appears to block the way of the knights and pandhita. Their Goal is clear, in order to obstruct people fail to see the truth and goodness. Was never told of this giant race win in petempuran. These characters always die dagger stabbed himself. Perhaps this illustrates that people could perish because polahnya own. Cakil blind always live longer and appear in another story, perhaps to remind, ugly human nature can occur at any time.
Well, the picture is beautiful about this cakil blind, it is natural if he had never liked. He always shunned, dicuekin, neglected and despised. 
He was approached only by those who wish to utilize their expertise and make a pit riots.
In the real world is blind cakil does not exist. But the bad traits do exist around us, hidden within each person. Well, all this must have a personal "mask" to cover the ugliness.
So now we live to be clever to find and choose a friend. Want to make friends with their real friends or the cakil this.
I was thinking, it is better not to deal with people who become blind allies This cakil. Let those who are shut out, let alone those who shunned. Secure our rice pot, working with bener. Aja ignore people like that.


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