Betari Durga

Goddess Durga was originally the wife of Betara Guru when she was beautiful , her name then was Goddess Uma Umayi. 

One evening at sunset, Betara Guru and Goddess Uma were riding a bull along the coast when the wind blew up her dress and he got excited to see her calves, Guru then tried to seduce Uma there on the back of the bull. Uma refused his advances as she thought it unappropriate. Guru continued to try to seduce Uma to the point when he got so excited he spent his semen into the sea.
Umas rejection angered Guru and they fought, eventually they blamed the bull ( Andini) for his behaviour.
She said his actions were only fit for long fanged creatures, this being the truth Gurus teeth grew longer, on noticing this Guru got angry and condemed Uma to be a Raksasi. The curse prevailed and Uma became a Raksasi, Guru then didn't want her as his wife as she was ugly.
Guru then swapped the physical body of Uma with the Goddess Sang Hyang Permoni, who was beautiful but manevolent and deceitful. Sang Hyang Permonis soul was put into the ugly body of Uma the giant and named her Betari Durga.
Later a vicious creature was raging in heaven and had 3 requests.
He wanted to be recognised as Gurus son, he wanted a name and a wife. Guru granted him the name Betara Kala, offered him Betaru Durga as his wife. He came from the ocean where Guru spent his semen so was his son.

 Batara Kala and Betari Durga was given a place in heaven Setra Gandamayit, in the Krendawahana forest. They mastered all kinds of jinn, gandarwa, ghosts and other spirits. 

In Puppets, Batari Durga is worshiped for those who like taking shortcuts. This is shown in the plays Sudamala or Murwakala.


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