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Yayasan Suara Dana group at Byron Bay, Australia

Richard Kaal and the Wintermoon festival invited the Gender group including a Jauk Manis dancer to perform at the Festival in Queensland, Australia, 4th May 2007.
This tour was very successful in giving a close up view of the true Balinese music and dance. The fusion music of western song and gender has amazed many people including some of the best musicians of the country who played at the festival.
Wintermoon Festival----"where I had the pleasure of sharing the lead vocal with Richard & having a balinese vocalist improvise over the final chorus. I have never felt that high onstage!"---- Liz Frencham - Jigzag

Gender Fusion performing at Wintermoon Festival 2007

The Balinese Yayasan Suara Dana group members are:
I Ketut Suardana, I Komang Mustika, I Made Subandi and Dona Lolot.

I Ketut Suardana played Gender , he has a vast knowledge of many instruments and has taught himself the rare Saron in the Saron Luang group. He is the founder of the Yayasan Suara Dana. (foundation)

I Made Subandi
The Jauh Manis dance was performed by renowned musician/dancer I Made Subandi.
Made hails from Gianyar, Bali and is one of Balis most respected teachers of all gamelan gong instruments. He has composed numerous new pieces for the Gamelan in Bali and abroad.
Made played traditional Gender, kendang , gongs and also sang balinese style with the fusion music.

I Komang Mustika played the Gender and Kendang (Balinese drum), he is a musician dedicated to learning the old music, quickly disappearing. He also plays in the Salonding, Gambang Saron Luang and plays Kendang in his local village Gamelan Semara Pelulingan.

Dona Lolot is a Balinese musician who plays saxophone and has a keen interest in the original Indian roots. Dona plays many Asian instruments including Sitar. He played saxophone in the fusion music.

This group was joined by Richard Kaal, an Australian musician recording a library of traditional Balinese music, living on Gunung Batukaru in Tabanan, Bali. He has been working with Yayasan Suara Dana group, writing new music in collaboration with Gender and Salonding to produce fusion music.
The fusion music takes the form of songs written by Richard and Subandi about various characters of the wayang kulit puppet performances based on the Ramayana and Mahabrata stories of ancient India.

This gender fusion music was premiered at the performances , at Wintermoon festival in May 2007 and was a great success.
The gender traditionally supports the wayang Kulit performances.

The Jauk Manis dance costume.

Whilst in Australia the group performed at many schools in QLD to give the children a close up view of the instruments and Jauh Manis costume.

Harristown High School, Toowoomba,QLD Australia

Harristown School , Toowoomba QLD.
Group photo with the Bahasa Indonesian class

Komang helping a student play the gender.
Richard and refugee from Africa chat.


Mercy College, Mackay, QLD Australia

Mercy College Students enjoy the experience.

Richard helping with english explanations..


Steiner School, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

Children 'amazed' at the Jauk Manis performance by Subandi and crew.

The children were very keen to try the gender.

Subandi meets Trinity.... Sienna with mask.

Darling Heights State School: Toowoomba, QLD


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Radio Promotions,with interviews and performances.

Bay Fm Radio Station, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Radio ABC, Tropical North, Mackay, QLD, Australia

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A performance at the Lighthouse, Byron Bay, Australias most easterly point.

The group performed at a Balinese Dinner in Coolum,QLD,
where the guests were invited to try the instruments

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Wintermoon Festival

Chris and the Wintermoon bus picked the group up from Brisbane.

Komang,Subandi,Dona and Richard backstage.
Dona plays the saxophone

The Wharf Stage at Wintermoon.

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Komang and Subandi conducted Gamelan workshops at Brisbane,Toowoomba and the Wintermoon festival.


Workshop with the Brisbane Gamelan

Subandi and Komang conduct a workshop with the Toowoomba Semar Pagulingan

Subandi helping Cynthia with a new piece of music


Richard can be contacted through email at

The Gender Fusion group can be booked through an email Richard.

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