Bali’s ‘Music Adventure Tour’

Richard Kaal and Jay Bishoff  have shared life-inspiring musical adventures in the mountains of Bali.  Amazing musical evenings with locals in remote villages on the slopes of Gunung Batukaru (Mt. Batukaru) eventually led to….Music Adventure Tours
Basking in the shared spirit of music -- enchanted by the people and the living land -- breathing in the refreshing Balinese cultural life -- and learning from rich, cross-cultural interaction: these are the ‘extreme sports’ of the spirit!

These two accomplished musicians have chosen to share this awesome experience with other musicians and/or music lovers.  Music Adventure Tour in Bali invites just 10-15 people to spend 10 days on Gunung Batukaru, far from the Bali tourist scene, for the holiday experience of a lifetime. 
Experience first hand the true tradition of Balinese music, and explore exciting new musical possibilities through collaboration in the enchanted mountain land of Batukaru. 
We invite you to enjoy:

  1. traditional performances away from the ‘staged’ tourist scene
  2. opportunities to write, play and perform with local musicians
  3. workshops: Songwriting, performing, attaining taksu.
  4. jam sessions (amongst our group and with locals)
  5. recording facilities available to capture the magic of your holiday 

 Music lovers who don’t play an instrument or sing: welcome!  You may find you are a player after a few days on the mountain…
Open-minded musicians of all levels of experience (beginners to consummate professionals): welcome! 
You may utilize your time at Batukaru Retreat to focus on your own music, to engage Balinese traditional music, or to explore new possibilities through cross-cultural musical hybrids with locals (friends of Batukaru Retreat). 

Through the universal language of music, you will live the experience 95% of tourists may only occasionally photograph from a distance.  

      But its much more than just the music….



Features of Bali Music Adventure Tour

    • Transportation  -- Airport pick-up and escort up Batukaru Mountain to accommodation (about 1 ½ hours from the airport/touristy areas).  Awe-inspiring, breath-taking drive! 
    • Idyllic Setting and Climate – Gunung Batukaru is lush and beautiful and tranquil, with views reaching all the way to the coast on clear days.  You will leave behind the often intense heat of the lowlands, as the weather on the mountain is very comfortable all year round due to the altitude.
    • Great Food -- The food alone would be a good enough reason to join the tour, with trained chef, Rebecca Kaal, guiding local villagers in preparing exquisite meals to delight your palette.  In addition to the fine and diverse meals, experience the taste of manggis, salak, palm sugar and a range of fresh fruits of the island.
    • Traditional Music Performances by locals: Joged, Legong, or Topeng Dance Performance; Jegog (with large bamboo pipes), the Rindik, Salonding, and even the very rare Saron Luang from Celuk.
    • Ceremony -- Depending on the time of year, we will join a local Hindu ceremony and visit the village afterwards for food and socializing. 
    • Evening performance parties at the Batukaru Retreat, featuring anyone in our group keen to participate.  We may be joined by some locals, culminating in a ‘jam session’, featuring Western music, Balinese music, and whatever else comes up!  All styles welcome!  A recording studio will be available to capture ideas and/or inspiring spontaneous sessions, if required.      
    • Workshops with local Balinese Musicians – we learn about the Balinese approach to music in a hands-on way.  We encourage musical collaboration with locals to find exciting new experiences for all.     Music Adventure Tour often features professional western musicians, who also offer workshops in western music.     
    • Venue Performance – As a celebration of our group’s creativity, we will have the opportunity to perform a gig in a public venue -- a great opportunity to take our fresh inspiration to the stage, for those inclined.  All styles will be welcomed, and there will be No pressure for the shy amongst us to perform.   
    • Day trips – We will take at least two day trips: one to Ubud, and one to the more touristy, “good shopping” areas (Legian, Semanyak, etc.).  A day at the beach will also provide the perfect contrast to our mountain paradise. 
    •  Experience the mountain!  Day hikes and overnight camping trips up Gunung Batukaru (Mt. Batukaru) will be available for the energetic amongst us.  Batukaru features some of the last preserved forests of Bali: its gorgeous! 
    • Balinese Massage – you won’t miss out on the mountain!  Expert masseurs available at low prices compared to the expensive tourist scene. 
    • Time, Space, and the ideal Natural Setting… to relax, unwind, play music, write, create, interact, commune with the mountain spirits….Its your holiday!


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