Balinese Dances: The Barong Dance

The Barong Dance
The Barong is the magical protector of Balinese village. As "Lord of the forest" with it's long mane and fantastic fanged mask, he is the opponent of Rangda the witch, who rules over the spirits of Darkness. Barong and Rangda are opposed in a never ending fright, that of the God and Evil.
The fight of Barong and Rangda is also the topic of traditional narratives, usually performed in the temple of the dead. The most famous is the story of Calonarang the widow from Jirah is furious because she can not find a proper husband for her daughter Ratna Mengali. The youths are all scared of her Black Magic. She vents revenge by wreaking havoc over the kingdom of Daha. The King, Airlangga, tries to punish her, but all his attempts fail. All the soldiers his sends to destroy her are killed by the furious Calonarang.

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