CD Musikaal Studio: Dawning of the Day.: (Richard Kaal)

Cover : Journey of the mind 

Many of the songs of "Dawning of the Day" were written while sailing on his yacht Cadenza others from adventures. The title song is a collection of early morning experiences.

The songs:

1: Dawning of the Day ---A collection of early morning experiences.
2: Perekops -------A mystical valley called Petite Suisse in Luxembourg, written at sunset
3: Dream Lady-------The lady in my dream..
4: A Sea of Raging Cobras ---As the wind strengthens, the Cobras rear.
5: Red Sun ---------Is there beauty everywhere, even in the holocaust?
6: Please Believe me ----The result of a jam session with a muso from Senegal.
7: The Mountain Weeps --Springtime near Hazelguhr, Austria, the Alps and waterfalls
8: Upstart Again ----Upstart Bay, a beautiful resting place for yachties
9: Save Me -----Written in the Whitsundays 1996
10: Children ----------Our last hope.

Many thanks to Dale Stevens for his guitar (Save me) and Piano playing (Dream Lady) and also for the many hours mixing in the lounge.

*Recorded by Richard Kaal at Paluma Rd Studio, Airlie Beach, QLD, Australia
Musikaal Studio © 1995 Paluma Rd Studio

MSK 10.02


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