CD Fusion 02: Whispers of the Mountain,: (Richard Kaal)

Cover : Journey of the mind 

In the quest for a spiritual connection with nature, the evening sounds of a Balinese singer floating across the valley is a special moment.
Whispers of the Mountain tries to capture this moment and others for the power is in the spirit of the music given through Taksu.
This is an album written and produced by Richard Kaal on Mt Batukaru, Tabanan, Bali.
The music is inspired by this spirit of the mountain and the music of Bali.
Fusing the local Pupuh singers in some tracks , Celtic harp in others.
The Australian Didgeridoo was a natural choice to accompany the sweet vocal of a female Balinese Hindu singer.

"The music is already present in nature, I take only credit for accepting the gift"

Celtic Harp played by Camilla Hodgkins.
Female pupuh sung by Agung Nila
Male pupuh singing by our local teacher in Sarinbuana,
I Nyoman Mustika.

*Recorded by Richard Kaal at Sarinbuana, Tabanan, BALI
( © 2009 Musikaal Studio
NO. 846/3.3/ILMKA/G/I/2000

MSF 00.02


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