Fusion Music Project

Richard Kaal,an Australian musician/composer, is in Bali recording a library of Balinese traditional music. Travelling with his Protools/Mac mobile studio the high quality recordings are a valuable archive of music.

Richard is also collaborating with Balinese musicians to compose fusion music, examples of which can be found on his fusion CDs.

The Balinese Music Fusion Project aims to develop crosscultural studies of Balinese and Western music by musicians/composers from Bali and the West.

Aims of The Musikaal Music Fusion Project

The Musikaal Music Fusion Project aims are;
1: to support and promote the local Balinese musicians and dancers
2: to develop cross-cultural musical works between interested Western and Balinese musicians.

The fusion Project also aims to develop an understanding of each other's music and all of its intracacies, by blending the cultural/musical conditioning each musician has from their own cultural background.

Location in Bali

Musikaal studio is situated near Desa Sarinbuana (Sarinbuana village), which is situated high on Gunung Batukaru (Mount Batukaru) a rich coffee and cacao growing area in Central Bali.
(3km from the village), a beautiful Balinese-inspired retreat situated on the mountain slope, with views of Gunung Agung (Bali's largest mountain) and the southern coast on a clear day.

Gender Fusion: with Yayasan Suara Dana

Richard has been working with Yayasan Suara Dana, writing new music in collaboration with Gender and Salonding. This music is about the various characters of the Wayang Kulit puppet stories and are in the form of songs in English with Guitar, vocals, saxophone, gender, kendang and gongs.
They performed these songs at the Wintermoon festival near Mackay in QLD in May 2007. Subandi also performed a Jauh Manis dance.
Subandi is a highly respected teacher of many forms of Balinese music.(gender,Gong(all instruments),dance,to name a few.

Richard plays guitar,composes and sings in the fusion music.
I Made Subandi is one of Bali’s most respected teacher/composers.He has travelled extensively throughout Europe and America teaching and composing music for various groups.
Made and Richard have joined forces to produce a new sound in their gender fusion music. Made plays percussion and sings traditional style.

Dona Lolot is a Balinese musician who plays saxophone and has a keen interest in the original Indian roots.
Dona plays many Asian instruments including Sitar. He plays saxophone in the fusion music.
I Komang Mustika plays the Gender in the fusion music he is a musician dedicated to learning the old music, quickly disappearing. He also plays in the Salonding,
Gambang Saron Luang and plays Kendang in his local village Gamelan Semara Pegulingan.



Click here for an audio sample of the song,'Sugriwa'

I Ketut Suardana has formed the Yayasan "Suara Dana", which means 'gift of music'. Ketut is a successful silversmith with a love of traditional Balinese music. He has set up the Yayasan at his own expense to revive old music, notating it and rehearsing a group of dedicated players. He has bought the instruments for 2 complete Salonding ensembles, a Gambang ensemble, a Gender Wayang and even a Rare Saron Luang ensemble.
Ketut has also built a large attic to house and rehearse these instruments in Celuk, Bali. The Salonding group plays at many important ceremonies around Bali. He is always keen on having more experienced players join the group with the aim of improving the group itself. He also likes to experiment with various combinations of traditional music. Ketut has welcomed Richard in to record the music and collaborate with the musicians.


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