Music creation from Taksu?

Taksu: the state of 'inspiration', spiritual intervention.

The Balinese ( Hindu ) believe that the "God and his manifestations have the same aptitude for dance and music as do mortals, and so during temple ceremonies, especially in the remoter villages, spirits, god and deified ancestors enter the bodies of worshippers who become momentarily possessed by these spirits (trance)."

I have found here in Bali, the acceptance of all things spiritual as the norm.
Music has a special importance to the Balinese as no ceremony is complete without it. Musicians are held in high regard , and the writing of music is believed to be a result of Taksu. Therefore Balinese traditional writers have no thought of ownership of this music.
Writing the Balinese fusion music I have been astounded at how quickly the melodies and words flow, as if I were a 'medium' for this music. There is definitely a high state of subconscious automaticity about the process. The Balinese are not surprised at all and simply call it Taksu.

I have heard most songwriters / composers feel a sense of 'where did that come from?' sometime when they are writing.
Maybe it is Taksu?

Two years later:  Living on this mountain in Bali has given me the unique experience of being able to withdraw from society as I knew it, to a new culture, a new special location and look at life in a very personal way.
I am beginning to think the creativity process or connection (Taksu) is more easily found in nature, as if we need to place ourselves, as we are intended to, in our position in the natural world. The awesome creativity of nature seems to spawn a silence in me during which the mind opens to the creative process and the music created by nature itself.
My music seems to be growing more spacial with 'feel' rather than notes to fill in the gaps or pauses. Therefore the listener becomes the creator as well.
So, Taksu to me is an opening of the mind / subconscience to the subtle forces of nature, other people and the unexplained soul / feel of our exisitance in the universe.
Therefore, we are part of the creation.

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